Senin, 06 Mei 2013

what makes us differ and actually better than another creature are. our feel, our fragileness, our insecurities, and how easy we are to break by words and gesture of others for us. that's we are... HUMAN
we convince our self every day to be stronger, to be care less about people's opinion and stuff. but really, people gonna talk whether you doing bad, or good. they will! we engage to logic, rasio, calmness, and try to breaks all the opinions. and where we ended actually? in our bed, self pitying ourself, drowned with anger, dissapoinment, promises that everything will be better not now, but eventually... that's the moment when we realizing that we're not that untouchable, we're not that strong, WE'RE NOT ROBOT!
Namewe dealing with our demons all day, and wishing "god, i wish i am a robot, i wish i have a heartless feel to all these thing i have to go through", well, yeah, it will be that easier, we're not gonna have something called fear and for all emotions.
But, actually...
even how much anger, melancholia,endless ironi, and the compilation of disorder we've been through, we still walk on. we still try to reach that mountain where we put the dream. we still gonna stand up and try to do the step.. because we know, that '' all that bad thing is the way for us to grow, for us to be better, for us to learn"'.
cut a littlle piece of yourself for the space for you to grow, just like the grass.. Mate'' charles bronson once said. and yeah, we're human, and our dream don't coming up for us easy.. it will ask some sacrifices, and it never be full of enjoymen and confort.. but we're not scared, we never scared... CAUSE WE'RE HUMAN!

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